Pelo Credits are your fitness currency... maybe we should call them Fit Coin?


Purchase the package that fits your budget - the larger the pack, the more you save and Pelo credits never expire.


Check a studio schedule, click on any class and you'll see how many credits you need to reserve your spot. Classes range from 8 to 12 credits and prices range from $29 if you just want one class in Russian Hill, or you can pay pay $22.50 for that same class with a package. Did we mention that Pelo credits never expire?


If you like things simple, sign up for one of our Auto Pelo programs. One charge at the start of the month. No entering card info for every purchase... ahhh. Start the month with either 100 or 200 credits depending on the Auto Pelo you choose. Get in and get your workout on, then at the start of the next month we'll auto-magically fill your account back up to 100 or 200. (no, they don't roll over) With Auto Pelo you can get class cost as low as $10! Whoa, that's crazy! What we thinking?