Pelo Fitness Launches Cycling Clothing Drive to Benefit High School Athletes

Not every High School cyclist in Northern California can afford cycling clothing. With Pelo and your help, they may not need to.

San Rafael, CA, January 2nd, 2015 — Pelo Fitness, LLC is trying to ensure that every High School cyclist in Northern California has the clothing they need for training and competing in the Norcal High School Racing League Mountain Bike races. With specially designed drop boxes at Pelo Fitness, bike shops and other local businesses throughout Marin County, they’re tapping into the thousands of area cyclists who can easily afford to part with some of their forgotten jerseys, shorts and other cycling-specific clothing.

Not an Obvious Need

“It’s easy to assume that all the kids in this area have the means to get everything they need to race,” says Alan Roberts, Founder and Owner of Pelo Fitness. “Between a bike, helmet, shoes and a team uniform, the cost to participate can be tough for many Northern California families. Providing these kids with some good quality gear to train in makes a big difference.”

Although Pelo Fitness is in the heart of affluent Marin County, the Norcal League sanctions races with teams in many parts of the state where the minimum requirements to participate are impossible to fulfill for some families. The clothes will be distributed to all High Schools throughout Northern California that are participating in the league. "We are excited to partner with our friends at Pelo Fitness who are organizing and managing clothing drive collections from many of their local bike shops and businesses,” said Vanessa Hauswald, Executive Director, Norcal High School Cycling League. “We currently serve over 800 teenagers from over 72 high schools and are growing by 20% each year. We have a growing demand for clothing and mountain bikes so we greatly appreciate Pelo stepping in to help us."

It only takes a little

Most cyclists don’t know what to do with their excess clothing, so this program is a great way to put it to a good use and make some room in the dresser drawers. “This is perfect! If just 1/10th of a percent of my long-time customers donated 1 piece of clothing we could fill one bin per week,” said Tony Tom of A Bicycle Odyssey.

Do you have more bike clothing, shoes, or helmets than you need? Look for our drop off bins at your local bike shop, business, or stop by Pelo Fitness: 171 3rd Street, San Rafael, CA
94901. You could just get the map here.

Drop Box Locations as of 1/14/15

  • Mike's Bikes - San Rafael and Sausalito
  • A Bicycle Odyssey - Sausalito
  • Acme Bikes - San Rafael
  • 3 Ring Cycles - San Anselmo
  • Caesar's Cyclery - San Anselmo
  • Bike and Bean - Larkspur

About Pelo Fitness

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About Norcal Mountain Biking

The NorCal High School Cycling League works to establish and maintain quality high school mountain bike programs. The League is responsible for establishing a climate that will provide students who have the desire to mountain bike with the coaching and camaraderie that will help them achieve both competitive and noncompetitive cross-country mountain biking goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.

They strive to develop an awareness of what it is to be an amateur athlete that is both gracious and respectful to their community and to create an environment in which they may discover new friendships and find role models.

Students are guided towards learning new skills and disciplines, and to spread the foundations of mountain bike racing across the country. Fostering a responsible attitude toward the use of trails and wilderness is an important aspect of the league along with promoting the value of cycling as a mode of transportation and a lifelong sport.


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