Redeeming your Groupon voucher...

We're happy that you've taken advantage of our great Groupon offer and will be coming in to check out Pelō! Here's instructions on how to redeem you voucher for Cycling Credits.

First thing to do, if you haven't already is set up an account with us by clicking on "Register"and filling out a few bits of info. You'll receive a confirmation email asking you to set up your password and then you'll be part of the tribe.
Once you have your account set up, you are ready to redeem your voucher...
- Click on Cycling Credits under the PURCHASE menu
- Choose 5 Credits or 10 Credits, depending on which you bought from Groupon and click on Purchase
- You will see that (1) item has been added to your shopping cart in the MY ACCOUNT menu
- Click on your Shopping Cart
- Here's where you enter your Groupon code in the box labeled "Coupon Code". This will discount your credits to $0. Yippee!
- Now click on the "Checkout" button and enter the required info. You won't have to enter credit card info since your purchase is $0.
- When you have all your info in place, click on "Review Order", make sure all is well and then finish your transaction

Your credits will automatically be added to your account and you can merrily reserve a bike for any darn class you please!


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