Heather S

Heather walked into her first yoga class in 1999 as a means to cope with personal trauma,
eating disorders, depression, running injuries and significant weight gain.
Though her practice started primarily as a way to lose weight, she discovered very
quickly how much it helped her in every aspect of her life. After one year of almost-daily
practice, she had lost over 40 pounds, healed her ankles and knees and transformed
herself physically and emotionally. Her gratitude inspired her to be a yoga instructor so
she could help others find “joy” through a yoga practice.
Be prepared for “a moving meditation” -- a strong Vinyasa flow with great emphasis on breath connection
led with Heather’s unique mix of natural spunk and gentleness.
“I feel like the yoga evangelist,” she said. “I want to share my love for yoga and the joyful
life yoga had opened me up to.”