Heather Leigh

Boom! Crack! Thump!

House, hip hop, trip hop, remix, shake-what-yo-mama-gave-ya-good-time-sweaty-fun. That’s Heather.

A little Erie, PA, a little Buffalo, NY, but mostly Heather is from Waukesha, WI - don’tcha know. She grew up a gymnast and now she’s mega-mom with 3 adorable little energy factories, two Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Lois and Clark, miscellaneous other pets… and of course Yates the hubby. You could say that Heather knows her $%^&  when it comes to fitness. She's been teaching since 1998 and was the Group Exercise Director at Gorilla in SF (which became Crunch) and the Bay Club Marin, before becoming instructor numero uno at Pelo.

Heather fun fact:  She recently held a sale when she realized she had over 200 workout capris. Whoa!