Chris G

Because of His Wife

We can thank Chris’ wife for giving him a gift certificate to try out Pelo, because he was hooked on his first class.

A Navy kid who has lived all over the world, Chris is also a Chi Running Master Instructor with an incredible depth of knowledge about the physics and biomechanics of the body. That all sounds pretty serious, but he’s really a funny guy... really. 

Chris is another product of the Pelo Academy and it shows in his solid class. His playlist features everything from techno to rock and roll and his workouts are challenging but a ton-o-fun. Guilty pleasure – homemade ice cream sandwiches (not on the Pelo diet), fav movies – sci fi, colors – orange or green. Loves to cook, if pushing the button on the microwave counts.

Fun fact: Bananas... as in Chris eats a ton of them... buys 60 at a time. That might be a little strange, Chris.