Jersey girl Allison...

...likes the music thump’n, the beats pump’n and loves hearing a whoop-whoop comin from her class now and then. She's been group cycling for 20 years, (started when whe was 9) half of those up in the front of the class, so expect to be inspired to take it to your limit and love every minute of it. Tip: listen closely for a little “growl” as she counts in those heart-racing sprints!

She grew up playing ice hockey, field hockey and lacrosse - all so very east coast - but now she’s about mountain biking Marin and hitting the slopes in Tahoe with her 3 men. (2 sons and the hubby)

In the outside world, Allison is partner in a marketing and technology firm so if she’s not pedaling at Pelo, or inventing and marketing the next "thing", then eating a little sushi, a good tv series, (she misses Breaking Bad) or sitting in the sun will do just fine. 

Fun fact: Allison lived in rural Costa Rica for a year teaching English to kids. Awww.