Head honcho, big cheese, king of pelo (ok, easy now)

Alan started this whole Pelo thing and as a nationally ranked bike racer, brings serious cycling cred. That doesn’t mean his class is just for cyclists. Fun, challenging and inspiring, his workout is all about you and why you came to Pelo. 

Born in Portland, (yes it rained a lot) Alan has been a professional musician (drums), touring production tech (fancy name for a roadie) and a marketing executive (fancy name for corporate slave). Mix it all up and out comes Pelo.  

Alan’s music is as eclectic as his past. Expect to hear something you don’t know and something that takes you back, all designed to carry you through the flats, climbs and sprints and bring out power you didn’t think you had.

Favorite dance move a bike: LOL, we don’t do dance moves on a bike!