New to indoor cycling at Pelo Fitness

Fit Feels Good

Music that pulses your soul, the power of the group, strength you didn't know you had and fun. That's right. Fun!

Cycling for Everybody

Runner, walker, biker, hiker. Soccer mom, soccer dad, racer or weekend warrior. You will get stronger and leaner.

Science Behind the Sweat

Workouts designed by athletes that get you real results. If you bring the intention and sweat, we'll do the rest.

It's Your Ride

The Pelo Power Zone system removes all the guesswork and calibrates your workout to your fitness level.

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Make the Most of Your Time

There are not enough hours in the day and the 25 hour day isn't coming anytime soon, so we make your workout efficient and effective. Give us one hour. Get in and get out. We will give you a fat burning, lean muscle building cardio workout like no other then send you out to conquer your world.

Stay Motivated

We know it's hard to stick with a fitness program. That's why we're here. Our instructors will guide you and inspire you. "Stand up and climb", "sit down and sprint", "back it off and grab a drink". Just follow our lead and you will leave class pumped up and counting the hours till you're back at Pelo.

But I'm "sooo out of shape"

Soooo what. Everybody starts somewhere. No matter where your fitness is now, the Pelo Power Zones system adjusts your effort to ensure you get the perfect workout… for you. You can keep up. You can do this and you will see the results.

Power Rules

We use power to measure and adjust your effort for the best results. Power doesn't lie. It isn't influenced by how you slept, your stressful job, or that double espresso you drank before class. Following your instructor has never been so easy… "Ok everybody, pedal with the beat and adjust your resistance till you're in zone 3." That's it!

Choosy People Choose Pelo

If you're done with the latest fitness craze, want more from your workout, and you want to see and feel real results, Pelo is for you.