Wanna be a Pelo Instructor?

Are you the next great Pelo instructor?

Pelo Instructors guide, motivate, coach and inspire our clients to find their inner athlete. We lead our class on an amazing physical journey set to a musical soundtrack that’s both challenging and rewarding.

Charisma + Rhythm = Charism?

We’re looking for personality.

We’re looking for leadership.

We’re looking for team players.

We’re looking for enthusiasm.

You gotta have rhythm and be able to feel the beat, cause we can’t teach you that. You’ll need to know Spotify, iTunes or SoundCloud and you should have some basic computer skills. 

Bring us "you"

If you’re someone you would want to take a class from, then we want to meet you.

Then what?

If you are selected at audition, we’ll teach you the Pelo Method. That’s the only method we teach at Pelo, period. If you’ve been “teaching for XX years and have my own method” we’d love to meet you, but we’re probably not going to be your place.

To apply, submit your resume or a letter telling us all about yourself, along with a recent photo to: audition@pelofitness.com