Tips for a great online class


Thanks for joining us for Pelo Online classes! Here is some helpful info to get you started...


Setting up your bike

It's a good idea to put a mat or carpet under the bike, cause you know you're going to sweat! If your floor isn't quite level and your bike is rockin', there is an adjustment foot under the rear left leg of your bike. Screw that foot in or out till your bike sits solidly.


Bike Display

The Keiser display, from top to bottom shows you: RPM, Power & Calories, Heartrate, Elapsed time, Gear Number and Estimated miles. We will refer to RPM to set the tempo we're all pedaling, the power number to help you be in the correct zone and the gear number when we all want to change our resistance the same amount.

We use rechargable batteries in the displays and that's probably what is in your rental bike. These last a LONG time, but if you get a Lo bat signal when you first start to pedal, the batteries will need to be changed soon. There's just  one screw to open the display and change the batteries. Please do not throw away rechargeble batteries!


Your Power Zone Dial

We've made it easy to replicate the Power Zones experience at home. Just click on this link and you'll find a a folder containing an image of your dial for your power number (and everyone else's). Download your file and print it out or display your dial on a screen you can see from your bike. Your dial has numbers that show how much power your need to produce to be in each of YOUR zones. * You might want to print out the dial 10 watts higher and the dial 10 watts lower, so you have a "go for it" dial and a "recovery day" dial.

We will guide you through class, telling you how fast (RPM) to pedal and what zone to be in. Once you get to the RPM, just adjust your resistance till the bike computer displays the correct power for the zone. Easy!


Signing up for class

All our online classes are listed on the Pelo Online calendar. Click on the class you want to reserve and click on a numbered spot. (grey are taken, orange are available) An email with the link to the class stream will be sent out automatically 10 minutes prior to class. Important! Make sure you are signed up at least 10min before the class time or you'll miss the email with the link!

If you have any questions not covered here, please email us: and we'll help you out!

See you online!