Safe Outside - What you need to know...

In order to keep a safe, COVID free environment at Pelo, we all need to follow these procedures...

• Everyone must wear a mask at all times except when exercising (you can wear it then too if it doesn't bother you)

• Everyone must complete a self declaration form before taking class. YOU WILL NEED YOUR PHONE FOR THIS, SO DON'T FORGET IT.

• Everyone must sanitize your hands before entering the exercise area.

• Everyone must bring their own towel, water bottle, shoes and yoga mat. We will have these for sale if you forget. Credit only, NO CASH ACCEPTED.

• No access to the studio (restrooms are available outside)

• No high fives, no hugging and no lingering in groups... unless you live together, in which case hug it out! 

Be sure to wipe your bike after your class and please exit away from the next group at check in.

Let's all work together to stay SAFE OUTSIDE!