Pelo Nutrition Programs

Pelo Reset

*Pelo Summer Reset begins July 9th (San Rafael) and July 10th (San Francisco)**

The Pelo ReSet program is a four week group session that introduces you to our Certified Nutrition Consultant, Frances Holmes. She will guide you on how to EAT successfully to improve your health. You will learn how to care for your digestive system (gut) and all the healthy cohabitants living in your gut. You will learn about the common foods that cause inflammation throughout the whole body. Frances will supply comprehensive handouts, recipes, menu plans and tons of group support. The cost of this program is $295.00. For another $100.00 you can add  100 Pelo credits good for the duration of the program so that you can support your nutrition with Pelo cycling and Pelo Strength ( TRX) classes.  The ReSet program is the gateway class and must be completed before you move on to any of the intensive programs.

Ongoing Support

The ReSet Support Group is a group meeting that will meet on every other Monday at 7:30pm for one hour. It will be a check in with Frances and your fellow ReSet Graduates. This is a three-month commitment and will cost $49.00 a month. If you sign up for the Support Group, you will get a weekend reminder email that will need a reply for head count purposes. This program can be purchased in blocks of three months ($147.00) at the front desk. 

Group Intensive Nutrition Classes

The Stress Free Weight Loss program is a group program that will meet for six weeks and will go deeper into your resistance to weight loss. After completing the ReSet, you and Frances will have more insight into what may be holding you back. Here is where you will go deep and where you will find what foods, nutrients, or habits you need to add or subtract to become the healthiest you. This program costs $895.00.

The Pelo Deep Detox is a six-week group program. In this program you will get right into the foods and habits that you will be adding or subtracting in order to truly detox your body. A three-day juice cleanse is NOT enough. You will spend the six weeks supporting your awesome transformation. We believe you can make great changes to your health by changing some of your habits and the food you take in. There may also be supplements required to support this Deep Detox and Frances will supply you with where these can be obtained. This program will cost $895.00.

Pelo Nutrition One on One

If you prefer private nutrition coaching, Frances is available through our Pelo One on One Nutrition Program. Whether your focus is increasing Athletic Performance, in depth Weight Loss or addressing the emotional triggers to poor nutrition, your program and diet is personalized just for you.


Frances Holmes is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, a Level 1 Integrative Grief Therapy Practitioner and member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.