Pelo Classes

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your health or enhance your athletic performance, we have a class for you. 
Cycle 50 
The ultimate cycling workout! The Pelo Power Zones make it easy for you to work at your fitness level and get the best results for you. Classes  all include a proper warm up followed by Tempo, Climbing and Sprint work, finished nicely with a good cool down. There's no "choreography" in our classes, but you will be locked into the beat of the music and you'll spend plenty of time out of the saddle. Our cycling classes are guaranteed to challenge you and leave you feeling accomplished and energized. 
Cycle 30 
Our "Get it Done" workout for the time crunched cyclist. You'll be amazed at what just 30 minutes of interval work will do to light up your metabolizm and launch you through your day!