Getting Started

We're all about keeping it simple, so you're just three steps away from a more fit you...

1. Click on SIGN ME UP and create your very own Pelo account

2. Buy some credits. (they never expire)

3. Reserve a spot in class

BAM! That's it... well, you have to show up, but we'll do the rest! 

Pelo Credits - your fitness currency

Just purchase the package that fits your budget and use them to reserve classes at any Pelo Fitness on earth!

Click on the class you want to reserve and you'll see the credit price. Pelo credits never expire and the more you buy the less they cost!

If you are working out more than 3 times per week (and you should) then consider our AutoPelo program which auto-magically fills your account each month and 100% of your Auto Pelo credits rollover.

First time? Never done this before?

Perfect! We will teach you everything you need to be a Pelo Pro. Just show up 20 minutes before your first class and we'll show you around, help you set up your bike and get you comfortable with all things Pelo.


OK, I reserved a bike. What happens if I can’t make it to class?

Stuff happens. We know, but if you’ve reserved a class and you don’t show up you've used those credits, because we held that spot for you and paced the hallway hoping you would show up! 

It's easy to cancel your reservation through the online system or by giving the studio a call and you have up till 12 hours before your class to get it done.

We don’t have a lot of rules at Pelo, but this is an important one.


Shoes – Yep, you need ‘em.

We highly encourage cycling shoes for the best ride, but running shoes will work.  Clipped in you’ll feel more stable on the bike, you'll be able to work the whole pedal stroke, plus the bonus of looking totally pro. We have a very nice selection of shoes for sale in all studios and rental shoes at our Russian Hill location.

Our pedals accept SPD-style cleats, but they also work with trainers or running shoes in case you didn’t read the first sentence. Seriously, though, cycling shoes are the way to go.



Towels and well… sweat

Indoor cycling is some sweaty business, so of course we’ve got towels and we've got disinfectant wipes. Really nice micro-fiber towels that absorb like crazy. Take only as many as you need, please and help us keep our energy footprint low.

Use that towel to wipe down your bike and area after class and then grab a wipe to hit your handlebars, resistance lever and saddle so you leave your bike all spiffy for the next person.

Dirty towels in the hampers provided for that purpose and wipes in the trash, thanks! 


Did we mention you’re going to sweat? Don’t be crazy: bring something to drink or bring your favorite cycling bottle or buy one of our sweet new Pelo bottles and fill up before class. Don't worry if you forget all that... we have boxed water for sale at the studio. 

Drink early and drink often. Getting dehydrated robs your body of the strength you need to work hard and working hard is what gets you the results you came for. Easy enough. 


Ixnay on the showing up late

Our classes start on-time. To get the bike you reserved, you need to check in 4 minutes before class or we’ll have to assume you are not coming and your seat goes to the next person riding stand-by.

If for whatever reason, you’re late call and let us know. We want you to make your class! If you get here after class starts and your bike is still available, shhhhhhh! get in the room and in your saddle with the minimum of disruption to everybody else.

Special note for newbies... if you have never been to Pelo and you show up at or after class time, we will have to ask you to come back another time so we can fit you to your bike and explain things without disrupting the class. 

Ixnay on the talking in class

Really, do we have to say it? Talking while the teacher is talking is rude. Talking during class and disrupting your classmates is no bueno either. Class is a group experience, so be respectful of the group, pretty please.

And anyway, we know you’re going to get so much more out of it if you’re really 100% present with your rock star teacher and your awesome classmates.

Yes, it merits saying: Ixnay on the cell phones or other electronics during class!

This kind of goes with the No Talking during class thing above, but really, we’re serious: leave your phone, your headphones, your ipad in your purse, bag or in a storage cubby. Ringers off. Sure, if you’re a doctor on call, OK, we get it – that totally matters. Everyone else just put 'em away. The glow from your device disrupts other people's focus on their workout. 


And, when class is done…

When you come to a stop at the end of class, we know you’ll be stoked, grinning ear to ear and ready to face whatever’s left of your day. Even if you’re all endorphined out and moving slow, do wipe down your bike, collect your belongings from the cubbies and clear out, so the next pack of riders can get in and have their fun.