pelo power zone training

The mystery of the little red knob.

Knowing how much resistance to add has long been the most confusing part about indoor cycling. Add too much and you're working too hard, add too little and you won't get results. Instructors have done their living best to demystify that little sucker by using heart rate or perceived rate of exertion. These are valuable tools, but they can be very inconsistent. That double espresso you had before class is going wreak havoc with your heart rate level and you might perceive your exertion differently after a sleepless night with a crying little darling.

Power to the people

All of the bikes at Pelo are fitted with sensors to measure the actual power that each rider is generating. That power reading doesn't lie, it isn't influenced by how you slept or what you ate. It's the measurement that professional cyclists use to adjust their training, but don't let that intimidate you. We've made it as easy as riding a bike.

Every person has a Baseline Power number. Really, you do! You just didn't know it! We will calculate your number for you and then use it to make sure that you are training at just the right level to get the best results possible.

Back to the little red knob.

Here's an example of the complicated instruction you may receive from one of our teachers at Pelo...

"Ok everybody, pedal with the beat and adjust your resistance till you're in zone 3"

That's it! So easy even an indoor cyclist could do it!

And, that zone 3 is your zone 3 - calculated to your level of fitness and not to the Ironman next to you. Over time, as your fitness improves, (and it will) your Baseline Power number will improve and we'll adjust it so you always get the ultimate workout.