The Pelō story is pretty simple, really. Pelō is about how to have the life you want thanks to a bike. All you do is set the pedals in motion. The rest just follows. 

Cycle. Grin. Repeat. 

One guy, Alan that is, and his passion for bikes, started this whole thing. He figured hey, if bikes could make such a big difference in my own life, how could I make this easy and available and fun for other people, for people of all fitness levels? How could I spend more time on the bike myself and have a life about the bike even when I’m not riding? 

And so Pelō was born. 

What’s a Pelō? 

Linguistically speaking, Peloton is a French word that means “group”, but most people around the world know peloton as the main pack of crazies riding ridiculously close together in a bicycle race. Although they might be going really fast, they are often also chatting about what they did the last week, how their family is doing and who’s dating who. Sound familiar? 

Pelō makes it pretty simple for you to join the peloton. Register on-line, choose your bike on-line (just like an airline seat), show up, climb on and ride. In less than one hour, with professional instruction, great music and the best bikes money can buy, you’ll have a work-out calibrated to meet you exactly where you are in your personal fitness, no matter where that is.