Introducing PeloKids! 

We know. We know. It's tough being a mom (or dad) and still get your workout in. Pelo is making it a little bit easier with our new PeloKids program. Bring little "your kid's name here" along and we'll watch 'em while you get sweaty in the cycle studio. PeloKids is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the 10:15am class and you can reserve a spot online when you book your bike! Yay... sigh of relief... big grin on your mom face. 

Choosy riders choose Pelo.

If you're over chasing the latest trend. If you want quality that lasts the test of time. If you want a real workout and real results, then Pelo is the the place for you. Our programs are designed to burn fat and build lean, strong muscle in a friendly environment where everyone is welcome. 

Sorry, we don't do dance moves on the bike, (we might do them in the hallway) but then you won't have to spend your kid's college fund to get a lean strong body either.

Come see what Marin is talking about. Sign up here and we'll see you in class! 

Cardio - Strength - Nutrition

Pelo is your complete fitness lifestyle under one roof. Pelo Cycling is perfect for building endurance and cardiovascular health. Pelo Strength utilizes the TRX suspension system for full body strength and Pelo Nutrition will teach you how to get control of your food choices and fuel your body right. Try all three and learn just how good you can feel... because Fit Feels Good! 

Pelo Fitness is located at:

171 3rd St., San Rafael, CA
ph: 415.459.7356